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Special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman use modern science to confirm or debunk urban myths on MythBusters. No smoke and mirrors here, just plenty of laughter and explosions. Savage and Hyneman take on three myths in each episode and use modern-day science to find what’s real and what’s fiction.

Deadliest Catch:

Watch the crews battle everything from winds and waves to freezing cold fatigue and each other. All in a race to win the biggest, Deadliest Catch on the Bering Sea.
Each episode has a focus on a story or situation that occurs on one or more boats, with side stories on the backgrounds of one or two crew members.

Dirty Jobs:

What's that smell? If you said Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, then you're absolutely right. Follow the debonair Mr. Rowe around on his dirty duties as he gets into one messy situation after another while performing difficult, strange, disgusting, or messy occupational duties alongside the typical employees.

Miami Ink:

For the artists and clients on Miami Ink, every picture tells a story. And there are plenty of stories to tell in this tattoo shop. Every episode is a journey into the lives and events that shape this art form. Just be sure to come in on a good day or you could be facing some very unhappy artists about give you something very permanent.

Meerkat Manor:

Some days it's like a reality TV show with four legs and fur. Others leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. One thing is for sure, every episode is a family bonding experience you won't want to miss. Meerkat Manor follows several groups of meerkats, who act communally for the benefit of the groups in which they live.

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